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Staff reporter
07 Jul 2023

In the enchanting world of gospel music, a new luminary is emerging from the heart of Malawi. Meet Herald Phiri, widely recognized as The Herald of God, whose unwavering devotion to his craft is propelling him to the forefront of the industry.

Herald's musical journey began in the nurturing embrace of a devout Christian family, deeply rooted in the CCAP Church. Inspired by his sister, Ulemu Lydia Phiri, who once harmonized with the late Grace Chinga, a revered gospel artist, Herald's passion for music was kindled at a tender age. As a young boy in Chinyonga, he and his brother fashioned rudimentary drums, igniting a musical flame within their souls.

In Zomba, Herald's path intersected with that of Andrew Mijoya, a gifted keyboardist, and a steadfast friendship was forged. Together, they preserved their budding melodies on humble cassette tapes, affirming their growing ardor for music. However, Herald's aspirations were momentarily eclipsed by the pursuit of education, resurfacing only after the completion of his Form 4 exams.

Embracing his musical aspirations with renewed vigor, Herald sought solace in a local studio, eager to share his talents with the world. Yet, like many on their artistic pilgrimage, he encountered obstacles along the way. Some of his tracks vanished into the ether, and the collaborative efforts with esteemed producers like M.O.D and Frantic Records bore bittersweet fruit. Nevertheless, Herald's indomitable spirit remained undeterred.

Currently, The Herald of God has ventured into the realms of his fourth album, exuding an unwavering dedication to his craft. However, it is not solely the number of albums that defines him; rather, his essence lies in being a devout worshiper. He finds solace in crafting "nyimbo zolambila" worship songs, which resonate deep within his being and beckon his soul to the heavens.

Recently, Herald embarked on a transformative spiritual sojourn that birthed his latest single, "Ndithu Moyo Wanga." Through heartfelt prayers and divine inspiration, the melody took shape, weaving its way into Herald's spirit. Collaborating closely with esteemed producer Mr. Fiddo Saphwani, Herald poured his heart into every note, confident that his music will resonate deeply with listeners, both within Malawi and beyond.

At the core of Herald's musical ministry lies a profound commitment to the vision imparted by Jesus Christ himself—to spread the gospel to the farthest reaches of the world. Harnessing the power of music as a conduit, Herald aspires to touch hearts, foster healing, and ignite the flames of liberation through his uplifting melodies.

As anticipation swells within Malawi's musical landscape, The Herald of God is poised to captivate audiences with his celestial harmonies and impassioned devotion. With each resounding note, Herald Phiri illuminates the path towards a brighter tomorrow, offering solace, inspiration, and hope to all who lend their ears to his melodious proclamations.