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The countdown to the MAC Gala 2023 has begun, and fashion enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the star-studded event that celebrates creativity in the digital age. As the event approaches, speculation is running high about which top celebrities will grace the red carpet and add their star power to this highly anticipated affair.

The MAC Gala is set to attract an impressive lineup of A-list celebrities, and this year promises to be no exception. With its reputation as a glamorous and fashion-forward event, it's no wonder that the who's who of the entertainment industry is clamoring for an invitation.

Rumor has it that some of Malawi's most prominent names in music, film, and television will be in attendance. With their impeccable style and magnetic presence, these celebrities are sure to turn heads and set the fashion world abuzz with their red-carpet appearances.
Fashion-forward musicians, beloved actors and actresses, influential social media stars, and renowned fashion icons are among those expected to grace the MAC Gala 2023. While the final guest list remains a closely guarded secret, speculations abound regarding the potential attendees.

Industry insiders suggest that internationally acclaimed artists with Malawian roots may also make a special appearance at the event, adding a touch of global glamour to the evening. The fusion of local talent and international star power is anticipated to create a truly memorable and inspiring atmosphere.

The MAC Gala 2023 aims to bring together the finest talents in fashion, music, and arts, making it a must-attend event for celebrities who want to be part of the cultural movement celebrating creativity in the digital age. The event presents an opportunity for these celebrities to showcase their personal style, support the local creative community, and embrace the power of fashion as a form of self-expression.

As the event draws nearer, the excitement and anticipation continue to build. All eyes are on the MAC Gala 2023 as fashion enthusiasts and fans eagerly await the official announcement of the star-studded guest list. The countdown is on, and the question on everyone's mind remains: Who will make the cut and grace the red carpet at the MAC Gala 2023?

Only time will tell, but one thing is for certain: the MAC Gala 2023 is poised to be a gathering of the most influential and stylish individuals, leaving an indelible mark on the fashion landscape of Malawi and beyond.

Stay tuned as the MAC Gala 2023 unveils its list of top celebrities, promising a night of glamour, inspiration, and unforgettable moments.
Staff reporter
13 Jul 2023

In the enchanting world of gospel music, a new luminary is emerging from the heart of Malawi. Meet Herald Phiri, widely recognized as The Herald of God, whose unwavering devotion to his craft is propelling him to the forefront of the industry.

Herald's musical journey began in the nurturing embrace of a devout Christian family, deeply rooted in the CCAP Church. Inspired by his sister, Ulemu Lydia Phiri, who once harmonized with the late Grace Chinga, a revered gospel artist, Herald's passion for music was kindled at a tender age. As a young boy in Chinyonga, he and his brother fashioned rudimentary drums, igniting a musical flame within their souls.

In Zomba, Herald's path intersected with that of Andrew Mijoya, a gifted keyboardist, and a steadfast friendship was forged. Together, they preserved their budding melodies on humble cassette tapes, affirming their growing ardor for music. However, Herald's aspirations were momentarily eclipsed by the pursuit of education, resurfacing only after the completion of his Form 4 exams.

Embracing his musical aspirations with renewed vigor, Herald sought solace in a local studio, eager to share his talents with the world. Yet, like many on their artistic pilgrimage, he encountered obstacles along the way. Some of his tracks vanished into the ether, and the collaborative efforts with esteemed producers like M.O.D and Frantic Records bore bittersweet fruit. Nevertheless, Herald's indomitable spirit remained undeterred.

Currently, The Herald of God has ventured into the realms of his fourth album, exuding an unwavering dedication to his craft. However, it is not solely the number of albums that defines him; rather, his essence lies in being a devout worshiper. He finds solace in crafting "nyimbo zolambila" worship songs, which resonate deep within his being and beckon his soul to the heavens.

Recently, Herald embarked on a transformative spiritual sojourn that birthed his latest single, "Ndithu Moyo Wanga." Through heartfelt prayers and divine inspiration, the melody took shape, weaving its way into Herald's spirit. Collaborating closely with esteemed producer Mr. Fiddo Saphwani, Herald poured his heart into every note, confident that his music will resonate deeply with listeners, both within Malawi and beyond.

At the core of Herald's musical ministry lies a profound commitment to the vision imparted by Jesus Christ himself—to spread the gospel to the farthest reaches of the world. Harnessing the power of music as a conduit, Herald aspires to touch hearts, foster healing, and ignite the flames of liberation through his uplifting melodies.

As anticipation swells within Malawi's musical landscape, The Herald of God is poised to captivate audiences with his celestial harmonies and impassioned devotion. With each resounding note, Herald Phiri illuminates the path towards a brighter tomorrow, offering solace, inspiration, and hope to all who lend their ears to his melodious proclamations.
Staff reporter
07 Jul 2023

Renown christian hip-hop artist Chrim has released a new song titled Duwa which features Hemon, a fast rising Lilongwe based singer.

Talking to Malawi Sounds Chrim said, "the song is meant to celebrate love, relationships and commitment which has become frowned upon in modern society. "

The song was produced by Jaguar Paws and Sir Odilo who did justice on it. However, the title of of the song has attracted a fair share of controversy as some people are saying Chrim copy the concept from Eli Njuchi's recent song also titled 'Duwa'.

In response Chrim said, "This song was recorded last year September. I even performed this song at TUMAINI festival in November last year before Eli Njuchi released his song.#

The song was released on Friday 5th of May is available on Malawisounds.com for streaming.
Augustine Mukisi
05 May 2023

*Tiya Eneya's Biography*

Grown up and Raised in Zomba, Tiya has been inspired by hiphop from a very young age by artists like Flame, Lecrae, Liwu and David Kalilani.

His first experience of rapping was at 11 years old when a friend offered him an instrumental to freestyle on. From then on, he has been doing hip-hop music since secondary school, recording his first song "Never Fade" in 2014.

Among the influences that have played a role in him being a christian is hip-hop music, gaining a clear exposure to Christianity through Flame's music and Nyalimuzik back in 09-010. He is currently a fifth year student at KUHeS, studying to be a medical doctor. He loves listening to music (any genre) and loves to write music in his freetime, among others.

He hopes to share more music as he advances and hope to impact people with a message of hope in Christ and the true life, its meaning and purpose. Watch the space.
Staff reporter
08 Dec 2022

First physical Maso Awards was held last year on 17th Decmber, 2022 after 2 years of holding them online. The Awards were exquisite and successful. Despite being considered as underdog awards on the music scene the Awards attracted attention at the National level. Because of the success of the Awards and fairness of the results alot of people have now endorsed them.

Last years Awards was attended by prominent names in the music industry such as Phyzix, Matse, Shammah Vocals, the legendary Jai Banda and now the rising star Driemo to mention just a few.

The Awards had 14 categories, below are the categories and the list of the winners;

-Best upcoming artist of the year(male)--Driemo,
-Best Upcoming artist of the year(Female)--Niekay,
-Best DJ of the year—Mighty Virus,
-Best producer of the year—DJ Meghi,
-Best video director of the year-Vinny Visuals,
-Best album of the year-Flaws by Phyzix,
-Best live Act-Don Tarz,
-Best manager of the year-Pemphero Mphande,
-Life time achievers Award-Lucius Banda,
-Best collabo of the year-Basi by Kell Kay and Saint,
-Music video of the year—Zikomo by Wendy and Levixon,
-Best song of the year—Mkatimo by Martse ft. Hyphen and Barry Uno,
-Best artist of the year(female)--Keturah,
-Best artist of the year(male)—Dr. Namadingo

This year the Awards have been expanded and have 16 more categories with 10 non-musical.The awards will take place at Amaryllis Hotel in Blantyre on the 26th of November.
Staff reporter
04 Oct 2022

Melody full name Melody Msonkho is a Gospel singer and songwriter based in Lilongwe, Malawi. She is a singer and song writer who is passionate about telling the beautiful story of Jesus in music.

Her music journey began way back when she was 6 years old. She later proceeded and joined the praise team of her church in her teenage years. So far Melody has released hit songs like, Redeemed(2015), Jesus(2017) and Energy (2019) to mention just a few. In 2020 she worked on the goodness of God(Cover) and in 2021 she worked on Intimate Worship Session.

Melody just released her recent song titled BELIEVE which has been received well by music lovers. The song talks about taking God by his word and having faith that he will do what He said about our lives.

She said, "People should keep believing, keep trusting God for God is not a man that he should lie." Just in case you don't know Melody is a younger sister to the famous Gospel singer Dr. Drew. She is a female Gospel artist we should all lookout for this year.
Staff reporter
04 Jun 2022

A somber mood engulfed Mthunzi Funeral Services in Blantyre yesterday morning as the remains of iconic rapper Martse were being taken to Lilongwe for burial at Area 18 Cemetery today.

People from all walks of life including fellow artists— among them Third Eye, Piksy, Ritaa, Tuno, Bucci, Blak Jak, Phyzix, Gwamba, Kell Kay, Eli Njuchi, Stitch Fray, Nepman, Sam Smack, Ethel Kamwendo Banda, Sangie, Patience Namadingo, Ethel Kamwendo, Hayze Engolah and Musicians Union of Malawi (Mum) President Gloria Manong’a— were present to mourn Martse, one of the greatest hip-hop acts the country has ever produced.

Manong’a said the association was saddened by Martse’s death.

“We as an association, are at pains with Martse’s death. He was talented and he touched many souls with his music,” the Mum leader said.

Joy Nathu, a host of Made on Monday programme, said the country had lost a brilliant artist, who was unique.

“He was that artist who was not afraid to speak his mind and his music was listened to by all ages and one of those songs is ‘Mwano’. He was highly regarded in the hip-hop music industry,” Nathu said.

Engolah said the country had lost a massive talent.

“Prior to him being a top musician, me and him grew up together in Chitawira, sharing the same dreams to make an impact in the industry. I will remember him as a vibrant, selfless and brutally honest person. He always spoke his mind and spoke freely. He contributed greatly to Malawi music industry with all the music he made,” he said.

Social media has been awash with messages of mourning Martse, who died on Monday at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre.

Born on May 18 1994, the award-winning rapper, who collaborated with several other artists, succumbed to burn wounds after a house he slept in, in Mangochi District, caught fire.

During the short service at Mthunzi, the artist’s family thanked people for supporting them during this trying time.

Martse, real name Martin Nkhata, came from Mzimba District.
Staff reporter
29 May 2022

Maso Award nominated artist Mcluther has signed a management deal with Cre8tivprojekts in United Arab Emirates👏👏

This deal has been reached after Mcluther impressed fans in Dubai where he is on tour for the past 4 months. Mcluther has been performing in different big platforms in Dubai and in one of his gig, he was lucky to have been spotted by an Artist/Event Management Agency that is based in Dubai.
Cre8tivprojekts has now officially signed Mcluther for a 2 year management deal which promising and is set to open up door for Mcluther in Europe and USA.
Staff reporter
14 Jan 2022

Melvin Kalepa commonly known as Melvin Music (Sir Melvin) is a Malawian Christian worship singer, songwriter, worship pastor, youth pastor and Book Author. Melvin Music released his first debut album in 2019 which he entitled Locked In Grace which consist of 10 songs and 2 Spoken word which featured Chigo Grace in Locked In Grace (Deluxe Edition) and Beautiful Beyond Compare, and Caleb Reul (Spoken Word Artiste) In Greatest Story (Spoken word) and Zoe (Spoken Word), not only did Melvin Music release his first album on 13th September 2019 but the album was accompanied by the most sold over book "Locked In Grace- My Story" with foreword by Apostle Joseph Ziba.

Melvin Music started his Music Career in 2015 as a professional Musician with his first single Beauty For Ashes which was accompanied by Zoe and flame of your blessing, Melvin Music is a creative artiste, which is proven in his Music Videos especially Greatest Story (Official Music Video) which was released in 2020 and Sound Of Heaven (Official Music Video) which was released this Year and topped position 1 for 5 Weeks on Gospel Tunes which led the producers of the show to make a documentary of him which was released on his birthday 16th May this Year.

Currently he serves as a worship pastor at Fountain Of Victory International Church under Apostle Joseph Ziba (a commonly known preacher in the land of Malawi)

In 2019, Melvin Music received UZIMU VIBES award as Best new and upcoming artist which was later followed by another award by Fountain of Victory awards hosted by Apostle Joseph Ziba as Best Male artist of the Year 2019.

He has made an announcement that he will be releasing his first single from the second upcoming album and book which will be released this Year. Apart from music Melvin Music enjoys travelling and writing.
Staff Reporter
23 Aug 2021

Muthaland Entertainment has announced ‘The Homecoming Concert’ for Award winning singer, and song writer Onesimus. The concert will take place at Lilongwe Golf Club on September 25, 2021 from 1 PM with tickets going at K2000 only.

Onesimus said, “This is going to be one of the memorable Homecoming concerts in our history. My music is diverse, accommodative, so anyone can come. It’s been a long time, it sure feels good to be back to connect with my fans on stage."

He further said, “There’s a saying that goes like East or west home is the best. So I’m really grateful and glad to be performing at home, Onesimus Pakwawo.”

To show he is grateful being home, Onesimus says the audience should expect the best from him.
Supporting artists will be announced in due course.

Staff reporter
27 Jul 2021