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Melvin Kalepa commonly known as Melvin Music (Sir Melvin) is a Malawian Christian worship singer, songwriter, worship pastor, youth pastor and Book Author. Melvin Music released his first debut album in 2019 which he entitled Locked In Grace which consist of 10 songs and 2 Spoken word which featured Chigo Grace in Locked In Grace (Deluxe Edition) and Beautiful Beyond Compare, and Caleb Reul (Spoken Word Artiste) In Greatest Story (Spoken word) and Zoe (Spoken Word), not only did Melvin Music release his first album on 13th September 2019 but the album was accompanied by the most sold over book "Locked In Grace- My Story" with foreword by Apostle Joseph Ziba.

Melvin Music started his Music Career in 2015 as a professional Musician with his first single Beauty For Ashes which was accompanied by Zoe and flame of your blessing, Melvin Music is a creative artiste, which is proven in his Music Videos especially Greatest Story (Official Music Video) which was released in 2020 and Sound Of Heaven (Official Music Video) which was released this Year and topped position 1 for 5 Weeks on Gospel Tunes which led the producers of the show to make a documentary of him which was released on his birthday 16th May this Year.

Currently he serves as a worship pastor at Fountain Of Victory International Church under Apostle Joseph Ziba (a commonly known preacher in the land of Malawi)

In 2019, Melvin Music received UZIMU VIBES award as Best new and upcoming artist which was later followed by another award by Fountain of Victory awards hosted by Apostle Joseph Ziba as Best Male artist of the Year 2019.

He has made an announcement that he will be releasing his first single from the second upcoming album and book which will be released this Year. Apart from music Melvin Music enjoys travelling and writing.
Staff Reporter
23 Aug 2021

Muthaland Entertainment has announced ‘The Homecoming Concert’ for Award winning singer, and song writer Onesimus. The concert will take place at Lilongwe Golf Club on September 25, 2021 from 1 PM with tickets going at K2000 only.

Onesimus said, “This is going to be one of the memorable Homecoming concerts in our history. My music is diverse, accommodative, so anyone can come. It’s been a long time, it sure feels good to be back to connect with my fans on stage."

He further said, “There’s a saying that goes like East or west home is the best. So I’m really grateful and glad to be performing at home, Onesimus Pakwawo.”

To show he is grateful being home, Onesimus says the audience should expect the best from him.
Supporting artists will be announced in due course.

Staff reporter
27 Jul 2021

Malawian Hip-hop star Limbani Kalilani, also known as Tay Grin, returns with a brand-new song ‘Joseph Kalilani’, off his upcoming third full album ‘Different Shades of Grin’ due this year.

The single marks his solo project in 2021 as the Nyau King is set to continue his impressive trajectory with this latest release.

‘Joseph Kalilani’ will hit the airwaves on Monday, 14 June 2021 and will come out with a trendsetting locally-produced music videoshot and edited by Vinny Visuals in Blantyre.

The track, produced by Slo Beatz, is a rap song inspired by Tay Grin’s grandfather, Joseph Kalilani, who the rapper describes as a man who had too much swag back in the day –always wanted to be extraordinaire and always stood for hard-work and quality-the traits which the multi-award-winning artist adopted.

“Don’t be no regular guy and whatever you do in your life do it to the maximum, don’t be limited by your situation, where you come from or where you are, exceed expectations.

“When you listen to the song, the first verse is talking about my success; I’ve done stuff, I’ve done songs that are successful and that’s how I live my life, doing stuff that are successful.”

“And the end of it is advising everyone just to be on top of the game in whatever they do; finish your game, be the best version of who you can be and then you get what you want to do – if it’s a guy, ‘don’t be no regular Joe/ and if it’s a girl, there’s a line that says ‘don’t be no regular hoe/finish your game become a pro/’, all I’m saying is whether you’re a woman in business or whatever you do always strive to standout, do so much more and be successful,” he sings.

“It’s an anthem for everyone to just embrace who they are and maximise and work hard.”

‘Joseph Kalilani’ comes out after Tay Grin last released ‘Too Much’ on January 31 2020, a song that was produced by Jillz in South Africa, where he also shot the music video.

Other recent projects are collaborations with Kell Kay on ‘Nakupenda’ and Janta on ‘Bachelor Ndi Dolo’ and appearance on a Tapps Production’s ‘Global Message’, a song that also featured Tigris, also released last year.

Nyasa Times
01 Jul 2021

One of the Malawi’s gospel female muscians, Chigo Grace has been nominated for an international award called Maranatha Awards in United States of America (USA).

Speaking with Malawi News Agency (Mana) on Wednesday, Chigo Grace said she was grateful to God for being nominated for the international awards 2021.

The Worshipper was nominated for three categories; Better is a day was nominated as the best prophetic song, No longer I as the best thanksgiving song and Munoshamisa Mwari as the best adoration worship song.
Grace said that being nominated was a huge encouragement to her and an inspiration to keep her pushing as well as to be consistent in the music industry.

The Presentation of awards will be done in Baltimore in USA on August 28, 2021 and people can be voting via www.maranathaawards.com and voting will end on July 1, 2021.

Maranatha Awards Global is a USA programme seeking to acknowledge effective kingdom diplomacy globally and was facilitated by Maranatha Global Revival Networks.
Blessings Kapina
15 Jun 2021

There is a common trend of comparing artists on social media. This tendency is perpetuated by different social media platforms. The comparisons sometimes graduate into serious wrangles and tussles among people.

Recently there emerged another comparison of different female artists namely Leslie, Theresa Phondo and Keturah. Some people chose their best, some did not and some voiced out their concerned against compairing artists.

One such voice is a renowned gospel musician Gloria Praise. She wrote, "to me I find it strange that we compete artist who are given different talents. Theresa Phondo can never be Leslie neither the other. It will be good if we value each person as they are because the moment one starts to be like someone, then they have lost it. Let artist be who they are!"

However, different people have different opinions on this subject. Some say healthy comparisons can foster creativity among artists as they will be striving to be the best and exceptional.

What is your stand on this?
Get Gloria Praise's songs by clicking the link below:

Staff Reporter
14 May 2021

Blantyre’s Robin’s Park was a place filled with emotions over the weekend as music fanatics witnessed 18-year-old Eli Njuchi pull a large crowd on Sunday.

Most of the young artist’s fans made their way to the venue by walking in rains that poured just when the show was starting.Queues delayed car drivers travelling to different destinations along the road leading to Robin’s Park.

Fans stood in long lines just to get their way into the venue where Eli Njuchi was launching his debut album, The Book of Eli.

The venue saw thousands of fans disregard Covid-19 precautionary measures as neither social distancing nor wearing of masks was practiced while they watched the ‘Zitheke’ hit-maker get supported by Piksy, Suffix, Saint, Phyzix, Hayze Engolah, Classick and Charisma, among others, as they graced the stage with their performances.

Eli Njuchi’s set made him drop tears on stage as he looked to be in disbelief at the thousands of people that were singing along to his songs word-by-word.

However, in an interview, Eli Njuchi said, all along, he knew that he would one day pull off such a huge crowd.

“As a young person, it is something I had always dreamed of. I worked for it and I am truly grateful to everyone that made their way to the show to make my dream come true,” he said.

South Africa-based Malawian artist Gemini Major—who rose to fame through a song titled ‘Ragga Ragga’ in which he featured South African artists including Cassper Nyovest— performed at the show as he was already in the country.

The artist said he came to support Eli Njuchi as he was inspired by the artist’s talent despite being a young creative.

“I was in the country for a different show that happened on Friday. When I saw that Eli Njuchi was launching his album, I decided to come and support the young artist. I felt emotioal as he was performing because the love Malawians showed Eli Njuchi was something I haven’t seen in a while,” he said.
The Times
17 Dec 2020

Youthful musician Eli Njuchi has partnered Times Group in the promotion of his debut album The Book of Eli .

The album will be launched at Robins Park in Blantyre on December 13, 2020.

The move will also see the musician performing at Ka Jive Season Four elimination shows which start this Saturday at Times Entertainment Studio in Blantyre.

Both Times Group Commercial Manager Lusayo Msukwa and Eli Njuchi’s manager Prince Chikweba confirmed the development.

“This is an exciting development because Njuchi will reach out to people during Ka Jive dance competition as regards his debut album. Again, this will be part of entertaining people,” Chikweba said.

Msukwa said Njuchi being a youthful artist, would appeal to fellow youngsters.

“He is launching his debut album and so, Ka Jive will give him the platform to promote his album and reach out to more people,” he said.

Recently he planned an Eli Juchi Fest to take place at Soche Mountain but postponed it due to challenges beyond his control.

He said he is looking forward to the launch next month and called on people to save the date.

“I have enjoyed working on the songs and I hope people will love them just as I have loved producing these songs,” Njuchi said.

The 15-track album has songs such as ‘Honest’, ‘We Have Maine’ and ‘Confess’.

The Book of Eli also follows in the footsteps of his Extended Playlist (EP) titled The Book of Z.

The artist last year also made history when he was among the youngest to perform at Lake of Stars Festival held at Kachere castle in Nkhata Bay.

“I am looking forward to the performances at Ka Jive. This is another good platform for me to showcase my talent but also warm up for the launch,” he said.

Ka Jive Dance competition Season 4 started with auditions before going to elimination stage which will see 15 groups being evicted.

The winner is expected to walk away with K1 million with the runner up pocketing K400,000. The second runner up will go away with K150,000 courtesy of Mchinji Boys Construction led by Justice Katika.

Meanwhile, Msukwa has said that the grand finale of Ka Jive Dance competition (Tivine Zimenezi) will be held on December 19 2020.
Sam Banda (The Times)
08 Nov 2020

Musician Patience Namadingo on Tuesday released a new single titled ‘Tumani’ (Send).

The musician has released both audio and video for the song.

Once again, Namadingo who is trending with humanitarian projects aimed at assisting the needy, has exploited deeper messaging .

He sings in the song that it seems there are more bad than good people and that more people know the Word these days but few act on it.

The singer and guitarist further wrote in the song that ‘men and women of God’ have stopped preaching of God’s coming and that many of them are obsessed with money which is their in thing now rather than preaching salvation.

The musician then calls upon God to send His angels to meet him in Gethsemane simply because “it seems like there are thieves in his house”.

The sound is perfect in the song but the power of it lies in the message.

Part of the lyrics in the song goes like; "Zikuwoneka ngati mwabwera amalonda mnyumba mwanu,zikuwoneka ngati mwabisala achifwamba mnyumba mwanu…. tumani angelo anu andipeze mu Getsemane… zikuwoneka ngati mwalowa akuba mnyumba mwanu…"

Namadingo has done great justice to most of his music videos, he seems to have put together a team that knows how to hatch concepts led by him as the main player in which they have gone on to execute perfect projects.

The music video itself has been done with only two people in a studio set up – featuring – Namadingo, who sings showcasing his vocal ability with renowned producer and drummer Amos Mlolowa on the piano. Namadingo then starts playing the guitar as the track moves to the climax.

He said yesterday he was happy to have come out with another song.

“I hope people enjoy it just as I have enjoyed working on it,” the musician said.

Namadingo has since said that his last single ‘Pefekiti’ will come out on November 30 2020.

Last month Namadingo’s ‘Mapulani’ reached one million views on YouTube in five months since it was released.

In August the musician also released ‘Aliyense’ which was received with mixed feelings.
Sam Banda
12 Oct 2020

Zani Challe, real name Zani Chiumia, was speaking during a Facebook live interaction with her fans on Saturday. She said, “There’s so much talent in Malawi. The unfortunate thing that holds Malawian artists back is lack of support from the corporate world. Our friends from other countries are getting sponsorship from big companies,” she said.

Zani said, " the entertainment industry requires you to put in so much money before you start making your own money, but a lot of corporates in Malawi don’t take the entertainment industry serious and they are not willing to invest."

The artist also shared her misgivings with Malawian music promoters for settling for international stars at the expense of locals.

The live chat took an interesting turn when a fan, Jemu Jaxon Tyler, asked the musician which female artist  she would love to collaborate with in Malawi to which she responded: “Nobody.”

She, however, said: “I would love to work with Gemini Major. It’s just that I am always travelling in and out of South Africa and he is so busy.”

Zani Challe also took time to respond to her critics over some of her recent raunchy pictures which have attracted criticism.

The artist said how she dresses does not define who she is but, her craft as an artist.Though some artists have complained of lack of support from the corporate world, history has recorded some major collabolations between artists and companies.

Recently National Bank of Malawi plc sponsored live perfomances of Find Codi and Piksy at its premises in Blantyre, FDH Bank plc hired Patience Namadingo as its brand ambassador while Standard Bank has until recently was sponsoring the annual Standard Bank Jazz Nights. Other institutions that have sponsored artists are Airtel Malawi, Lilongwe Dairy Limited, NBS Bank plc, MultiChoice Malawi and Unicef, among others. 
Augustine Mukisi
06 Sep 2020

Real name Phronesis Chance Fumbula Phronee is a second year student studying Bachelor of Social Science in Community Development at Pentecostal Life University and is currently signed under Sir Odillo Enterprises(SOE).

Phronee started making music when he was at the age of 9. He use to be one the best lip synchers and use to memorize RnB & Rap songs. The artist officially embarked on a serious musical journey in 2015 when he stated recording on his own.

The artist has so far released a couple of hit singles such as Immutable, 21(Freestyle) and 6th sense which was released recently. Phronee has worked with different artists such as OC and many more.

The artist said, " I think of myself as a rare breed in this industry, I'm coming in with whole lot of new lease of musical life that has never been made before with unheard of flows and unique mode of delivery that are breathtaking, l'll definitely make it for Jesus!"

Like any other upcoming artist Phronee has had his fair share of challenges. One of the most noticeable one is difficulties in penetrating into the mainstream music platform. He said, "l have being taught that a certain type of genre being communicated with a certain foreign language can not make it here in Malawi ,for example making music in English. But l believe if we are to reach out on a worldwide platform we need to communicate with a global language. The industry is diversified some artists are localized they make music in chichewa and others make songs in English. The music industry is becoming global and is no longer defined by what kind of language used. So let's aim high!"

His vision is to be the best Christian Hip hop artist not only in Malawi but in the whole region of southern Africa. Phronee is unapologetic of his love for Jesus and making music. His desire is to shine and represent Jesus on a global scale.

Phronee is set to release his first EP titled "Indigo" on the Saturday the 29th of August, 2020.The EP is expected to overwhelm the Christian Hip-hop scene.The EP has been Mixed and Mastered at Sir Odilo Studios.
21 Aug 2020