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Musician Patience Namadingo on Tuesday released a new single titled ‘Tumani’ (Send).

The musician has released both audio and video for the song.

Once again, Namadingo who is trending with humanitarian projects aimed at assisting the needy, has exploited deeper messaging .

He sings in the song that it seems there are more bad than good people and that more people know the Word these days but few act on it.

The singer and guitarist further wrote in the song that ‘men and women of God’ have stopped preaching of God’s coming and that many of them are obsessed with money which is their in thing now rather than preaching salvation.

The musician then calls upon God to send His angels to meet him in Gethsemane simply because “it seems like there are thieves in his house”.

The sound is perfect in the song but the power of it lies in the message.

Part of the lyrics in the song goes like; "Zikuwoneka ngati mwabwera amalonda mnyumba mwanu,zikuwoneka ngati mwabisala achifwamba mnyumba mwanu…. tumani angelo anu andipeze mu Getsemane… zikuwoneka ngati mwalowa akuba mnyumba mwanu…"

Namadingo has done great justice to most of his music videos, he seems to have put together a team that knows how to hatch concepts led by him as the main player in which they have gone on to execute perfect projects.

The music video itself has been done with only two people in a studio set up – featuring – Namadingo, who sings showcasing his vocal ability with renowned producer and drummer Amos Mlolowa on the piano. Namadingo then starts playing the guitar as the track moves to the climax.

He said yesterday he was happy to have come out with another song.

“I hope people enjoy it just as I have enjoyed working on it,” the musician said.

Namadingo has since said that his last single ‘Pefekiti’ will come out on November 30 2020.

Last month Namadingo’s ‘Mapulani’ reached one million views on YouTube in five months since it was released.

In August the musician also released ‘Aliyense’ which was received with mixed feelings.
Sam Banda
12 Oct 2020

Zani Challe, real name Zani Chiumia, was speaking during a Facebook live interaction with her fans on Saturday. She said, “There’s so much talent in Malawi. The unfortunate thing that holds Malawian artists back is lack of support from the corporate world. Our friends from other countries are getting sponsorship from big companies,” she said.

Zani said, " the entertainment industry requires you to put in so much money before you start making your own money, but a lot of corporates in Malawi don’t take the entertainment industry serious and they are not willing to invest."

The artist also shared her misgivings with Malawian music promoters for settling for international stars at the expense of locals.

The live chat took an interesting turn when a fan, Jemu Jaxon Tyler, asked the musician which female artist  she would love to collaborate with in Malawi to which she responded: “Nobody.”

She, however, said: “I would love to work with Gemini Major. It’s just that I am always travelling in and out of South Africa and he is so busy.”

Zani Challe also took time to respond to her critics over some of her recent raunchy pictures which have attracted criticism.

The artist said how she dresses does not define who she is but, her craft as an artist.Though some artists have complained of lack of support from the corporate world, history has recorded some major collabolations between artists and companies.

Recently National Bank of Malawi plc sponsored live perfomances of Find Codi and Piksy at its premises in Blantyre, FDH Bank plc hired Patience Namadingo as its brand ambassador while Standard Bank has until recently was sponsoring the annual Standard Bank Jazz Nights. Other institutions that have sponsored artists are Airtel Malawi, Lilongwe Dairy Limited, NBS Bank plc, MultiChoice Malawi and Unicef, among others. 
Augustine Mukisi
06 Sep 2020

Real name Phronesis Chance Fumbula Phronee is a second year student studying Bachelor of Social Science in Community Development at Pentecostal Life University and is currently signed under Sir Odillo Enterprises(SOE).

Phronee started making music when he was at the age of 9. He use to be one the best lip synchers and use to memorize RnB & Rap songs. The artist officially embarked on a serious musical journey in 2015 when he stated recording on his own.

The artist has so far released a couple of hit singles such as Immutable, 21(Freestyle) and 6th sense which was released recently. Phronee has worked with different artists such as OC and many more.

The artist said, " I think of myself as a rare breed in this industry, I'm coming in with whole lot of new lease of musical life that has never been made before with unheard of flows and unique mode of delivery that are breathtaking, l'll definitely make it for Jesus!"

Like any other upcoming artist Phronee has had his fair share of challenges. One of the most noticeable one is difficulties in penetrating into the mainstream music platform. He said, "l have being taught that a certain type of genre being communicated with a certain foreign language can not make it here in Malawi ,for example making music in English. But l believe if we are to reach out on a worldwide platform we need to communicate with a global language. The industry is diversified some artists are localized they make music in chichewa and others make songs in English. The music industry is becoming global and is no longer defined by what kind of language used. So let's aim high!"

His vision is to be the best Christian Hip hop artist not only in Malawi but in the whole region of southern Africa. Phronee is unapologetic of his love for Jesus and making music. His desire is to shine and represent Jesus on a global scale.

Phronee is set to release his first EP titled "Indigo" on the Saturday the 29th of August, 2020.The EP is expected to overwhelm the Christian Hip-hop scene.The EP has been Mixed and Mastered at Sir Odilo Studios.
21 Aug 2020

One of Malawi's female Gospel song birds Eliza Mponya is set to release her new song titled "Musaweluze" this Friday, 7th August, 2020. According to the Kadyelere hit maker Musandiweluze is a song that is advising people to desist from judging others based on their current situation as no one knows what tomorrow holds.

Eliza Mponya started singing way back just for fun. After realising that she could use her music gift to preach the Gospel she embarked on a serious musical journey which has been good so far.

Eliza is well known for songs like Muloleranji, Wakhala bwanji munthu and Kadyelele. She has one album tilted "Muloleranji" to her name which was launched in 2018. Eliza has worked with big artists like Vin Chizuzu and Dr. Ethel Kamwendo to mention just a few.

In 2018 Eliza was voted for the best female artists under Magic promotions and was also nominated for the Gesu Awards in the same year. She has so far performed in countries like Zambia, Mozambique and South Africa successfully.

Asked about what people should expect from her new song and career in general she said, "People should expect the best from me.I have so much more to offer as I am still perfecting my craft and learning a lot everyday."
05 Aug 2020

Limoblaze real name Samuel Onwubiko is a contemporary Gospel artist who was born in Markudi, Nigeria.He is famously known for his passion for God and his versatility and skill in the art of music making.

His music career started off in the late 2012 and ever since he launched his career he has won several prestigious awards such as the AGMMA Afro hip-hop artist of the year for the years 2018 and 2019 and the best international act at the premier gospel awards in 2019.

Limoblaze has three albums on his name namely; Blind produced in 2016, Before Now produced in 2018 and Afrobeats Rap and Jesus produced in 2019. He has so far colllaborated with well known artists in the Gospel music fraternity like Da Truth, S.O., Okey Sokay, CalledOut Music, Gil Joe, Nkay to mention just a few.

Recently Limoblaze dropped his hit single titled "blow my mind," an Afro-beat feel good song. Following the success of the song Limoblaze has has set to release a couple of remixes. On his first "Blow my mind" remix he has collaborated with Kelvin Sings and Beracah who are Malawi’s finest Gospel RnB singers.He has also slated to do more Remixes with artists from other countries such as Zambia.

On the "Blow my mind" Malawi remix, all the artists have done justice to the song and they didn't disappoint despite having big differences in how they deliver on the mic. Unlike Limoblaze, Kelvin Sings and Beracah have worked on a couple of projects together.

The musical journey for Limoblaze is filled with vast potential.His dedication and versatility has seen him gain recognition in the Christian hip hop and Afro beat fraternitiy around the globe. So soon he will be dropping his new song on which he has collaborated with Da Truth and Travis Green.Be on the look out.
23 Jul 2020

In Malawi recently we have seen an emergent of different talented Disk Jockeys(DJ) across all the regions.Unlike in the past being a DJ is now considered to be fashionable.Maybe that explains why almost every millenial wants to be a DJ.

In Malawi top DJs includes VJ Ken (who is also a cinematographer) and DJ Mask to mention just a few.

However there is new kid on the block that every one should look out for who goes by the name of DJ Rio.

Real name Cyril Daniel Rio Makwinja, Dj Rio resides in the Capital City of Malawi, Lilongwe. Apart from being a DJ, DJ Rio is also a Graphic Designer.

He did his primary school at St Johns Priamary, Good Shephard International School and then Holy Rosary.Currently he is still pursuing his studies at Mtendere Secondary School.

He started Djaying at a tender age of 7 in 2010 after being inspired by his father.In 2013 he decided to take his passion for DJaying to another level.

"I started teaching myself how to do it, and then in 2017 i met a certain DJ known as Dr. Mayhem(Now a rapper based in South Africa) who helped me a lot.He gave me good tips on how I can become a better DJ," said DJ Rio.

In 2019 he got intoduced to big Djays in the land like VJ Ice and DJ Mask who had a positive impact on his career.In addition to that he also got his first radio mix at Timveni radio In the same year. His dream is to work with more big DJs in the world such as Ice and TNS from South Africa.

DJ Rio extends his gratitude to his dayones like Small Shaq(Graphic designer), his partner DJ Phantom, 360 Visuals and Hyke(producer) for being there for him.

Despite facing so many hurdles DJ Rio has10 mixtapes on his name comprising of different generes. He advices his fellow upcoming Djays to focus on their careers and mind their on businesses if they would like to make it at the top level.

DJ Rio has shown that he is not in the game for jokes but to make it to the Top.Most of the Top notch DJs acknowledge that the young and passionate DJ has a unique style which sets him apart from rest of his contemporaries and has a bright future.

Social media pages👇🏾
Facebook: DJ Rio
10 Jul 2020

Real name Blessings Mtsitsi he was born on 21st March, 2002 .Bligle did his primary school at Guilime Primary and his secondary school at Mlare Seminary(Where he got dismissed) and St. John Secondary School where he successfully stood for the Malawi Secondary Certificate Exams(MSCE).He currently studying Law at Catholic University(CU).

Bligles career kick started in 2015. He said, "I recorded my first track by Jes Kid at Brass Record in 2015 which was released in 2016.By then I was a member of a music crew called Nevada Deals.

Bible revealed to Malawi Sounds that the naturally grew with the passion for music.The list of his role models includes; Patoranking, Jamiel and Blasto.

Ever since he launched his music career, Bligle has worked with various artists such Persian Kids, Chizmo, Sixth Ababa, Surgeant and Lex Blaze to mention just a few.

At the Moment Bligle is working on his next Album Project that will be released soon.
07 Jul 2020

Rated 18 real name Samuel Mukobi is an upcoming hip hop artist aged 18.Rated 18 hails from Kamedza Galiva, Blantyre but currently resides in Mwanza.

So far rated 18 has released two tracks namely, Sorry and Overflow . Sorry featured on number 8 on the Malawi Top songs chat.

"Honestly speaking, I wasn't expecting that my song can be on number 8.Right now I'm putting a lot of effort, there's a lot coming from me.Malawi should watch out," says Rated 18.

His plans in the next five years is to get established in the music industry and build a brand that everyone can reckon with in Malawi and across the globe.

His advice for the upcoming artists is that they should always remember to put God first, be authentic and believe in themselves if they are to make it.

Asked about how the Malawi Music industry can be improved rated 18 says, " We have to believe and invest in in the industry.And as artists tisiye nsanje,timapondelezana kwambiri (As artists we should stop being jealousy for one another, we are fond of pulling each other down)."

He calls on established artists in the music industry to push upcoming artists like what Gwamba and other artists are doing.He believes that that's one of the ways the music industry can progress.

▪️He is the first born I'm the family of Three.Two boys one girl.
1. Sorry
2. Overflow
Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.
07 Jul 2020

Real name Jameson Makande, A'chanza is a 24yrs old Gospel Hip Hop artist, Journalist and Pianist.Apart from that he is also an entrepreneur running a company called Heaven Enterprise which is into art promotion such as music and poems among other arts.

He hails from the Lhomwe belt, Mulanje to be specific but currently resides in Blantyre, Chitawira.

He started doing music in 2012 in Church by playing & singing in the Praise team. In 2014 he joined Spirit Culture a Christian music group which was formed by Mervyn Njewa, he later went on to release his first single called Hope.

After releasing Hope, A' Chanza then released a hit single titled "Chi Move" in 2017 which officially catapulted his music career on a new level where people begun noticing his music.

So far A' Chanza has one EP on his name which was just released last month on 17 May, 2020 called "Choice Assorted" and it's available for Sale at K1,000. Contact us if you want a copy.

Below are some of the things he has achieved in his music career so far:

▪️Featured in 2015 BT Gospel Cypher.
▪️Released songs that has been noticed internationally.
▪️Released his first ever EP this year.
▪️He is usually a headliner in many Gospel shows across Malawi.

Asked about his future in the music industry A' chanza said that he has a lot in-store and the world should expect exploits from him.In the next five years A'chanza wants accomplish the following:

▪️Open a music school and groom upcoming artists on how they become better artists.
▪️ Grow his business, Heaven Enterprise into a big platform.
▪️Release more Albums with beautiful songs.
▪️ Collaborations with international GOSPEL artists.
▪️Perform at an international platform.

A' Chanza is a visionary artist and seems to be on the right track.His advice for upcoming artists is that they should not give up on their dreams, they should master their art, learn from established artists and always remember to pray.

His advice to establish artists is that they should avoid complacency,
strive to be better everyday
and recognize talent from the upcoming artists(Big up A' Chanza).

A' chanza lamented that the music industry in Malawi has a long way to go. He calls for more investment in the music industry, eradication of piracy and corruption and promotion or local talent.

1. He has never been to the Northern part of Malawi.
2. He is a motivational speaker
3. He is a writer (short stories & poems)
4. He loves football (Chelsea & Wanderers fan)
5. He is also singer apart from being a rapper.

06 Jun 2020

One of the most talented artist in Malawi Paul Strong has dropped a single.The title of the single is, "Craving for" which was produced by one of the best upcoming producers Hoodie King.

"Craving for" is an acoustic, blues song.The song has been well executed.Listening for the first time you might think that is Johnny drille but as you pay attention you will discover that Paul has his own unique style.The song is an expression to God that He sis the only that can fill the empty space in man.

Paul Strong (Born Paul Alinafe Lwanda) was born on 30th November 1995 in blantyre, Malawi and later on moved to Lilongwe. Currently he is based in Mangochi. He is both an music artist and Producer @9five records.His music career started in 2010 as a young hip hop artist.

However his passion was on learning the guitar.
He was inspired by people like Makasu band, kalimba sounds, love aquarius, Peter Mawanga and other local acoustic artists. Paul regards himself as a soul and blues musician.Currently he is working on a mixtape.He will be releasing new music videos soon.
03 Dec 2019