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Real name Jameson Makande, A'chanza is a 24yrs old Gospel Hip Hop artist, Journalist and Pianist.Apart from that he is also an entrepreneur running a company called Heaven Enterprise which is into art promotion such as music and poems among other arts.

He hails from the Lhomwe belt, Mulanje to be specific but currently resides in Blantyre, Chitawira.

He started doing music in 2012 in Church by playing & singing in the Praise team. In 2014 he joined Spirit Culture a Christian music group which was formed by Mervyn Njewa, he later went on to release his first single called Hope.

After releasing Hope, A' Chanza then released a hit single titled "Chi Move" in 2017 which officially catapulted his music career on a new level where people begun noticing his music.

So far A' Chanza has one EP on his name which was just released last month on 17 May, 2020 called "Choice Assorted" and it's available for Sale at K1,000. Contact us if you want a copy.

Below are some of the things he has achieved in his music career so far:

▪️Featured in 2015 BT Gospel Cypher.
▪️Released songs that has been noticed internationally.
▪️Released his first ever EP this year.
▪️He is usually a headliner in many Gospel shows across Malawi.

Asked about his future in the music industry A' chanza said that he has a lot in-store and the world should expect exploits from him.In the next five years A'chanza wants accomplish the following:

▪️Open a music school and groom upcoming artists on how they become better artists.
▪️ Grow his business, Heaven Enterprise into a big platform.
▪️Release more Albums with beautiful songs.
▪️ Collaborations with international GOSPEL artists.
▪️Perform at an international platform.

A' Chanza is a visionary artist and seems to be on the right track.His advice for upcoming artists is that they should not give up on their dreams, they should master their art, learn from established artists and always remember to pray.

His advice to establish artists is that they should avoid complacency,
strive to be better everyday
and recognize talent from the upcoming artists(Big up A' Chanza).

A' chanza lamented that the music industry in Malawi has a long way to go. He calls for more investment in the music industry, eradication of piracy and corruption and promotion or local talent.

1. He has never been to the Northern part of Malawi.
2. He is a motivational speaker
3. He is a writer (short stories & poems)
4. He loves football (Chelsea & Wanderers fan)
5. He is also singer apart from being a rapper.

06 Jun 2020

One of the most talented artist in Malawi Paul Strong has dropped a single.The title of the single is, "Craving for" which was produced by one of the best upcoming producers Hoodie King.

"Craving for" is an acoustic, blues song.The song has been well executed.Listening for the first time you might think that is Johnny drille but as you pay attention you will discover that Paul has his own unique style.The song is an expression to God that He sis the only that can fill the empty space in man.

Paul Strong (Born Paul Alinafe Lwanda) was born on 30th November 1995 in blantyre, Malawi and later on moved to Lilongwe. Currently he is based in Mangochi. He is both an music artist and Producer @9five records.His music career started in 2010 as a young hip hop artist.

However his passion was on learning the guitar.
He was inspired by people like Makasu band, kalimba sounds, love aquarius, Peter Mawanga and other local acoustic artists. Paul regards himself as a soul and blues musician.Currently he is working on a mixtape.He will be releasing new music videos soon.
03 Dec 2019

One of the greatest things about music is its ability to express feelings and ideas in completely intangible way. Music can convey ideas as disparate as water, springtime,machinery, melancholy, and exuberance.

Malawi music industry is producing artists of great creativity. Beef music is no longer patronised by audience. Audience require real things that are happening in everyday life.

Mbapati recognises wish of the audience with a song "ANGELLA". Angella is the song that most of the parents and elders would love to hear and advise their sons and daughters. ANGELLA song talks of a situation where Mbapati has impregnated a girl but refuses to marry her. In his defence, he commits that he simply wanted some leisure on Angella and cannot marry her as she is not of his desire. In his first verse, Mbapati sings:
"Chinkazi ichi chi Angella sindinafune kuti ndichitenge, Anali chabe masewera kugona ndi Ange inali ngozii!! Ine sindinafune kukwatira Angella uuuyuu!!"

Mbapati pleads to the girl's uncke that he does not want to marry Angella as he slept with her accidentary in the first part of the first verse in a song. He then try to insist and defend himself in second part of the verse as follows:
"inali ngozi kugona ndi Ange, ndimafuna ndizichotsa nkhawa chosadziwa mawa libala chani!! Naoso makolo ake angiti tiye kwamwamuba wako uuu!? Kona anli ngozi kugona ndi Angee!!!"

The song has been sang to feet both urban and local audience. The beat in zambian afro type was beautifully made by Dre and the voice was well mastered by Thapsy.

Realnamed Patson J Mbaso a.k.a Mbapati comes from T/A kyungu, Karonga.
He started his music carrier in 2016 and he is now working on Angella DVD that will contain 8 good songs and be launched in february 2020.
He has a vission of becoming a great artist worldwide.

Download Mbapati-Angella (prod bh Thapsy & Dre) by either copying and pasting the link below on ur browser or click the link

22 Nov 2019

After six years of silence, Humphrey Banda formerly known as H. O. P. E is yet to release an album this year titled “The Grace Card”.

The project, which is scheduled for release on 4 November 2019, features a number of artists across the borders including Massin from Zambia, Kuran Dube and Technic from Zimbabwe.

Humphrey plans to release the only single off the album titled “My Everything” on 18 october 2019. Humphrey Banda who is also a renowned radio DJ has been on the music for a while and has been the key behind the organisation of taking Jesus to the streets concert.
07 Jul 2020

When people hear about vimbuza, they recognise tumbuka tribe. It is true that decades have gone now since the tumbuka dance was developed as means of overcoming traumatic expriences of oppression and further developed as healing dance under British occupation, although it was forbidden by Christian missionaries in mid-nineteeth century.

The dance is no longer common and popular as it was in those days however vimbuza dance is still practised in rural areas where the Tumbuka live since for the tumbuka, vimbuza has artistic value and a therapeutic function that complements other forms of medical treatment.

On what he calls "Move on campaign", one of the artist called Sir Lineus who is well known as Vimbuza King has now ventured the vimbuza dance into music. Vimbuza king has come up with " vimbuza" song that describes how vimbuza is danced. The song is also carrier of his EP, "Vimbuza EP".

"I am here to settle and establish the Vimbuza dance to other regions. Stop thinking that Vimbuza dance is satanic. We entertain, inform and educate through vimbuza," he said (sir lineus).

In description of his talent and plan, Sir Lineus expressed his love on the dance as follows:
"I am lomwe by tribe, I have stayes in Northern region for ten years now and tumbukas have entrusted me to represent the dance by crownming me as Vimbuza king." he added.

The vimbuza music track is already trending ob local and international radio stations like 2fm,ufulu fm,lilanguka, chanco fm and vwira365radio in america, dhilabheng radio in south africa just to mention but a few. The song video shooting is progress and now the audio is available on www.nyasa-music.com and www.malawi-music.com.

In his words sir lineus well knwon as vimbuza king is to release the vimbuza EP bt january but to launch it later in next year.
sir lineus
04 Oct 2019