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Genre:Gospel Hip-Hop -|- City:Lilongwe

Born on 31st January 1996. The Lilongwe based Gospel artist; Vallenz (birth name as Vallenz Bruno Mpesi), begun both singing and rapping at a tender age, starting out with old school hip-hop and R&B. He is an artist with passion to sing and rap for the Lord, over the years he has improved both in his singing and rapping, being able to incorporate them side-by-side in the same song, his genres encompass R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop and Trap.
He’s worked with several artists such as Emmax, Phronee, Sir Odilo, Jay Ma James & Real MC (just to mention a few). Vallenz recorded a few songs with a number of his contemporaries, some of the notable singles areTwinz & Wazisomo.

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