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JoMAa Mw


Genre:Gospel -|- City:Blantyre

Real name Joel Manuel JoMAa (Mw) is a Christian Rapper, singer performing artist and song writer active since 2019 to present.

He released "HELP" in 2019 a track that talks of a child who had lost all parents in consecutive days and cries for Help from people and especially Help from God.
Have appeared in a number of joints too.

He further released an Extended Playlist, EP, in 2020 titled "Beautiful Saviour EP" which has 8 tracks whose main theme is that "we were saved through Christ who died for our sins and was raised from the dead for our salvation."

He recently released a single titled "I Need More" which I featured "Blessme".

In 2020 he also released Doing Great on 4th Decembera song which carried a message that we all been doing great 'cause we had Jesus on our Side even though everything seemed tough but our lives was a testmony.🙏🏾

Facebook:Joma Mw
IG: @jomaa_mw
Tweeter: @JoMAaMw

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