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Albert Liabuba


Genre:Spoken-Word -|- City:Blantyre

Albert Liabuba is a Malawian Gospel spoken word artist (born on 21 October 2000 at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre Malawi). He's a business student at the Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences (MUBAS) formerly known as THE POLYTECHNIC. He is a very gifted youngman not only does he do spoken word but he is a writer, poet,article, script and story writer. He also wrote a touching piece "A CRY OF A LITTLE MALAWIAN GIRL" during the 16 DAYS OF ACTIVISM and the piece is viral on Facebook and other social media platforms. He seeks to draw a lot of youths to Christ as it is the best place to be. He further says that "It is possible to be a famous Christian artist with impact". He's very passionate for lost souls. Be on the look out for more pieces and writings!!